Welcome to our Balloons.

Over the weekend we are anticipating up to 50 classic rainbow coloured round balloons from all over the UK plus some exciting and rare special shapes. These special shapes are massive character balloons and are coming from all over the world. Several of them have never been seen flying in the UK including from New Zealand, IWI the KIWI and from the USA  Angry Birds and from Star Wars the amazing  Yoda balloon, plus some of our European  shapes too. There are a few that are still on the secret list, so you will have to check back soon.  We also have some old favourite special shapes, some that will fly and some that will just inflate and be tethered to allow better photographic opportunities. Over the coming weeks we will post the pictures of the confirmed balloons.

In the UK, balloons only fly early in the morning and in the evening. This is when the weather and wind conditions are usually at their best, with calmer wind and no thermal activity from the sun.  Why not brave the early start and come for breakfast with the balloons? Gates will open at 05.00 and if the weather is OK balloons could start to take off from around 06.00. We have to be flexible with balloons as there are quite a few variable factors that affect hot air balloons.  We also plan to fly them again in the evening after the air display is finished again subject to the weather. If we cant fly then we will do our best to put on a tethered display or burner display. Balloon pilots and crews love to show off!!   


Special Shapes Attending

Iwi the Kiwi

Registration: N6566K
Pilot: Rick Walczak
Pilot Hours: 1050

Pilot Bio: Rick Walczak is an experienced pilot with over 40 years of international flying experience in balloons, marketing, corporate sponsors and companies. He has participated and helped in over 350 balloon events around the world. With Flying Colours Business in New Zealand it has taken Rick to places such as USA, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia , Panama, India , Turkey now Chile. Rick Has set several records in New Zealand to gain maximum exposure for major advertising clients such as CNN and Sky News via Balloon Advertising. This accomplished pilot has won an award for the best marketing using a hot air balloon to promote “An egg a Day Is Now OK” and a great contract with Nestle with a large seven story Nescafe Mug. The Latest Balloon in the fleet is the Famous Iwi The Kiwi standing seven Stories tall and now available and on tour.

Angry Bird

Registration: N333AB
Pilot: TBC
Pilot Hours: TBC

Pilot Bio: TBC


Registration: G-CIIE
Pilot: Benoit Lambert
Pilot Hours: 900

Pilot Bio: Benoit lives in Belgium and regularly tours all over the world with his special shaped balloons. This will be the first time Yoda has ever been to a UK event since he left the Cameron Balloons factory in 2014.


Registration: G-OWLL
Pilot: Jeff Lawton
Pilot Hours: 1400

Pilot Bio: 

In the summer of 2016, Jeff was chatting to his daughter, Rosanna, about designing a special shape hot air balloon. Within days she came up with a fantastic drawing based on an owl picture hanging in their house.

The design was then handed over to manufacturers Ultramagic Balloons who then started putting Rosanna’s paper drawing onto the computer. After a few changes to colours the final design was agreed and what a great looking balloon it is!

It is a mixture of standard and lightweight fabric and comes in at 100kg and took 12 weeks to build.

Also attending the event will be the World Owl Trust where you can see the real thing up close and find out more about these wonderful birds.  More information on the World Owl Trust can be found here: www.owls.org